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As the domestic travel demand has increased, Global First ventured out to experience the current operations traveling with Delta and American Airlines on transcontinental routes.

Check-in for both airlines were contactless and swift, along with a rejuvenated greeting from both airlines' staff. There are plexiglass partitions at all counters as the TSA and airline personnel wear masks. Masks are required at all times and at the TSA checkpoint you lower your mask to verify identity. At the gates, there are stickers on alternating seats to keep the distance between travelers and the floor is marked, too. Hand sanitizers can be found throughout the airport and the terminals are sparkling clean.

The Delta One Sky Club offered a great experience which included contactless check-in. The liquor bar was fully stocked, and the food bar offered self-serve individually wrapped bites; hot food wasn't offered. For domestic travel, Delta allows complimentary access for business class passengers flying on Delta One routes.

The American Airlines flagship lounges are currently closed until further notice. The Admirals Clubs are open in most major airports. After a contactless check-in, American Airlines offered individual snack boxes. Limited hot food is served to your table and they have a fully stocked bar. Self-serve stations are not available. For complimentary lounge access, American Airlines allows first and business class passengers flying on Flagship routes.

On board, Delta served the business class cabin individual snack boxes and a bag with water and Purell. Hot food isn't offered while they did have a limited number of alcoholic beverages. On board, American Airlines served hot food for the first and business class cabins. The full meal was served on a prewrapped single tray which included a salad, bread, entrée, and dessert. They had a nice selection of premium alcoholic beverages available.

Delta blocked seating in their economy cabin. Their business class cabin was fully booked. American Airlines does not block any seats, in all their cabins.

Overall travel was smooth, efficient, and a clean environment for both carriers, while American Airlines did offer more of their traditional amenities.

LAX Airport with Stickers on Alternating Seats

American Airlines 777W First Class 1-2-1 Configuration

American Airlines 777W Business Class 1-2-1 Configuration

Delta One Sky Club Lounge Food Bar

Delta One 767W 1-2-1 Configuration

Delta One Individual Snack Boxes